Iced gem moulds


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Set of 3 flexible moulds; 1 for icing, 1 for biscuit, and 1 to texture the bottom of the biscuit, so the item you make will be 3D. Items in mould the same size as a real iced gem biscuit.
Simply push your clay into the icing mould, then the biscuit mould, smooth out the back then push the texture mould into the back to create the detail on both sides. Remove items from the mould and attach the icing to the biscuit. TIP! Add some liquid clay (I find Fimo or Sculpey the best) between the icing and biscuit for extra strength to your item.

Ideal for polymer clays, like sculpey and fimo.
You can put the mould in the freezer for fifteen minutes or bake the item in the mould to avoid distorting the shape when removing from the mould (when cool). This also helps prevent damage to the mould.
Please note that moulds that are heavily used will eventually wear out.

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