Fimo Liquorice allsorts canes


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Fimo Liquorice allsorts canes.
Sold per piece.
Use chunky slices to fill miniature jars, or thin slices to add to your creations.

The Food Imitation (Safety) Regulations 1989

Please note the following important information in relation to purchases of beads resembling sweets, cakes, fruit or other foodstuff. The aforementioned products are sold to you, the customer, on the terms and conditions that they will be made into items of jewellery for resale.

The individual beads must not be resold by you to non-commercial (private) buyers as they do present a potential choking hazard and as such do not comply with section 4 of the Food Imitations (Safety) Regulations 1989.

It is your responsibility that jewellery made with Imitation Food beads is safe and secure.  The beads are not edible and they are not suitable for children due to choking hazard.

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Weight 2 g

Blue spog, Pink coconut wheel, Pink fondant tubes, Pink spog, Pink, black & white striped, White fondant tubes, Yellow coconut wheel